Partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support


Social Research with Deaf people group (SORD)

The UK-wide Deaf Cancer Support Service is being evaluated by the Social Research with Deaf People Group (SORD) at the University of Manchester.  This is a group of Deaf and hearing researchers who work in BSL.  To see some of their previous work go to:

The evaluation is co-led by Dr Katherine Rogers and Professor Alys Young, and their research assistant Molly Redpath-Healy.

Molly Redpath-Healy

What will the evaluation study involve?

SORD will gather information to:

  • Find out how the service supports deaf people with cancer and their family/carers
  • learn about any ways to improve it
  • find out about the experiences of people who are using the service and those who are providing the service.


For further information contact: 

Professor Alys Young ([email protected]

Dr Katherine Rogers at the University of Manchester ([email protected]).
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