June 17, 2024

Royal Celebration at His Majesty King Charles III

June 17, 2024

Royal Garden Party: Celebrating our Macmillan Deaf Cancer Support Project, run by SelfHelp UK


21st May 2024

The Deaf Cancer Support Project providing support to Deaf individuals affected by cancer, were honoured to be invited to His Majesty King Charles III Royal Garden Party, held at the historic Buckingham Palace on May 21, 2024.

The Royal Garden Party, an esteemed event hosted by the monarch, celebrates individuals and organisations making significant contribution to their communities. This year, our longstanding pioneering senior volunteer, Angela Warnock, with Peer Group Co-ordinator Claire Adshead from the Deaf Cancer Support Project, along with interpreter Rebekah Cupit, were invited to this prestigious event.

Macmillan and SelfHelp UK were keen to showcase and recognise the project for their tireless efforts in offering advocacy, peer support groups, and volunteer support to the Deaf Community affected by a cancer diagnosis.

Royal Welcome

Although his Majesty King Charles was not present, the crowds were excited to be graced by the presence of Royal family members: Prince William, Princess Eugenie, Princess Beatrice Zara and Mike Tindall, to name a few. Guests were greeted with warmth and grace, as the Royal family members made their way through the attendees. Prince William was seen to express gratitude for the hard work and dedication of those present, praising the contributions of individuals in public service and charity sectors.

A feast for the senses

Guests looked out over the Palace gardens with impeccably  manicured lawns and vibrant display of flowers. A lavish afternoon tea was served, with plentiful and delicious treats including finger sandwiches, an array of pastries, and traditional cakes such as Victoria sponge. This was a particular highlight, reflecting the quintessentially British charm. Alongside traditional English Tea, guests were served Apple Presse, made with apples selected from the Royal Sandringham Estate.

Throughout the afternoon, guests were entertained by a variety of performances, including changing of the Guard, and the British Army Band. Celebrations were not dampened buy the weather, as ponchos were handed out to guests, protecting them from torrential rain showers.

A Day to Remember

Our colleagues, Claire and Angela departed with cherished memories and a renewed sense of pride and acknowledgement for their roles within the Deaf Cancer Support Project.

Claire (Peer Group Support Co-ordinator) and Angela (Longstanding senior volunteer) said: “We are honoured to have been nominated to attend this once in a lifetime experience. A truly spectacular affair. We can proudly say we attended the wettest Royal Garden Party!”

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